Which web platform to choose to develop an online store?

You are starting to shape your online business and you already have many things focused but the million dollar question arises. What E-Commerce platform do I choose? What is the best web platform for my business?

It is important that you make a good decision since the E-commerce platform that we choose will determine many things in the evolution of our business.

Among the most used platforms on the market are Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Salesforce... but without a doubt all of them will require two things: a high economic cost and a great amount of effort from your internal or external team to be able to maintain Optimal conditions for your online store.

The needs of digital businesses have changed. Now we have to be much faster to be competitive in the market and to be able to be, we need E-Commerce to be a versatile, agile and functional tool (that everyone can use without having to resort to a technician).

That is why our proposal both for businesses that are starting out and for businesses that are already evolved is Shopify.

We tell you the main advantages and also the disadvantages so that you can assess it.

Advantages of Shopify:

  1. It is scalable and democratic. It accompanies you in growth. It gives you all the tools you need to grow whether you're just starting out or selling millions of euros.
  2. It offers you everything you need to sell without spending unnecessary time or effort.
  3. It is very robust. The platform never falls. You can have a traffic spike that the platform always responds to. Its functionalities are highly optimized, and the most important processes such as payment or registration, newsletter... never fail.
  4. Self-management . Ease of use, it is very intuitive. It allows you a lot of agility in the changes and complicated technical things are very simple.
  5. Marketing connections. The connections are super easy. What would cost you days of work and complicated processes with other platforms with Shopify is very simple.
  6. continuous improvement. Introduce continuous improvements you just have to adapt to them. It allows you to focus attention on what is really important to sell, marketing.
  7. Comprehensive analytics. Super agile dashboard for business decision making.

Shopify Weak Points:

  1. It's expensive? Many people think that it is an expensive tool. It depends on how you look at it. If you sell a lot, you pay a lot. But you have all the integrated costs and also all the innovation and development that with another platform would cost you a lot of money.
  2. Multimarket . Today it does not allow the multimarket. Therefore, if you want to sell in different markets with different products, you will have to multiply your instances. (It's still profitable for you ;)

If you still have doubts and want us to help you make the decision, you can contact The Digital Thinking and we will advise you.